Estate Administration

An executor is responsible for the orderly and efficient administration of the estate and to ultimately distribute the assets to the beneficiaries.  If an individual has not prepared a Will and dies intestate, an administrator can be appointed and has the same duties as would an executor.  These duties include taking control of estate assets, paying estate liabilities, filing of necessary income tax returns, and distributing the estate in accordance with the terms of the Will or intestate laws.

Our estate lawyers are experienced in all aspects of the administration of estates in British Columbia.  Our lawyers and specialized legal assistants often work with realtors, financial planners, accountants, and trust officers to help executors with the estate administration process.

Our services include:

  1. Obtaining court orders with respect to letters of probate or administration;
  2. Assisting with litigious matters in relation to a Will or distribution of the estate;
  3. Assisting with preparation of statement of accounts and releases required by an executor prior to distribution;
  4. Working with the estate accountant to ensure that proper holdbacks are made for payment of income tax and non-resident beneficiaries; and
  5. General guidance and assistance throughout the estate administration.