Family Law

At Jones Emery, we understand that family law issues can be extremely difficult and stressful, but they don’t always have to be. Family law is not just divorce – there are many areas that are affected by family law that may require legal advice. Oftentimes, family law issues may require updating your will or transferring property. We have experts in these areas who are always available to provide you with the proper advice and services you will need in addition to your family dispute.

We will work hard to address your specific situation and resolve it successfully in the most effective manner. Some matters can be resolved without going to Court, but if you have an issue that requires adjudication, we can guide you through that process. Our goal is to minimize your stress, give you all of the options available to your situation, and work with you towards resolving your issue and everything else that accompanies it.

Some examples of the services we provide with respect to family law are as follows:

• Divorce and separation;
• Division of property;
• Child custody;
• Child support;
• Spousal support;
• Adoption;
• Cohabitation agreements;
• Pre-nuptial agreements;
• Marriage agreements; and
• Separation agreements.

If you have a family issue that you think we can help you with, please contact us. We would be pleased to consult you with your family law matters.


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